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Natural Healing

Elokim Herbs offers natural and healthy alternatives to modern medicine with a high quality line of specially formulated herbal products.

By utilizing three schools of herbal traditions (Western, Chinese, and Ayervedic) our research and development team works endlessly to create, improve and adjust our herbal formulas to better help you.

Elokim Herbs uses the finest quality herbs to create an all-natural product line in liquid, capsule, topical cream, and tincture forms. Our formulas contain pure, unaltered herbs that you can feel good about.





Current Article: Herbology: Primal Instinct

Click on Elokim News and check out the two most recent articles by Angela Gaugler. "Bitter Sweet Treats" is an interesting piece on Aspartame, while the most recent article, "Herbology: Primal Instinct" is a fascinating overview of Herbology at its wildest!!

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